Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Overheard in my police wife life

This afternoon, my Hubby Blue called me just as my work day was ending.

"Hi, wifey.  Two things.  First, do you mind if I hold over until 2:00?"
(This would be 2:00 AM...and yes, I do kind of mind because I like when you come home at 11:00 but I know it's important to you to take lots of overtime shifts so it's fine!)
"And the other thing, I had another shooting today.  I shot a raccoon.  It was acting really weird, just sitting in the middle of the road, not moving, and there was liquid coming from it's mouth."
"Aw, poor thing."
"Yeah, I used my rifle."
"Why did you use the rifle?"
"Because I didn't want to get close to it!  I don't want to catch rabies!  And then I had to take it in to get tested."
"You touched it?!?"
"Well, I had gloves on."

I share a classroom with another teacher, and as soon as I hung up, I had this awkward feeling that it's not exactly normal to use the phrase "Why did you use the rifle?" in a conversation.  In what relationship is that acceptable?!?  So I quickly explained to her that my husband shot a RACCOON and not, say, a person or something.  She laughed and said she understood, but STILL.

Sidebar: I only questioned my hubby's use of the rifle because the last time he shot something (a deer), he used his handgun.  Now, if there's one way I think I have surprised my husband in our almost 3 years of marriage and almost 7 years of being together, it's my vastly improved knowledge and comfort about firearms.  Is it weird that I know which firearm is the most normal one to be used in this type of situation?  I think yes.  The other night, Hubby Blue worked an overnight shift, and as he was leaving, when I asked him where "MY gun" was and why MY gun wasn't out of the safe and then had to take out, load, and holster MY gun by myself, I think his heart swelled with pride a little bit.  I used to think it was weird that my husband slept with a gun next to him...and now I do it myself.  Also...weird?  I think 95% of the population would say yes, but since when was being married to a cop ever normal?!?

Anyway, Hubby Blue said he was a little outside of town when he shot this raccoon, but in my mind, I picture him (expert marksman that he is) in the middle of a neighborhood, laying on the ground, setting up his scope and taking out this unsuspecting raccoon with one good, clean shot straight to its head.  It's not pretty or happy or warm and fuzzy, but think of all the lives he saved: dogs, cats, children, the husband, the hero!

Dear God, who have I become?!?


  1. Who have you become? Why an engaged wife, one who is truly a partner to her husband! I'm so glad you are more familiar and comfortable with guns, more importantly have some idea how to use one! Good job on both your parts.

  2. This is great. My man talks guns ALL the time. I'm slowly getting more acquainted with the language. lol

  3. Well, it was one good clean shot, but not to the head... They cut the animals head off when they test it for Rabies...


  4. I got a call one day from my cop boyfriend that went like this,

    "You'll never guess where I am?" -J
    "where?" -L
    "The ER" -J
    "WHAT? Why?" -L
    "Cats. Feral cats. Well just one. I went on a call to tend to this feral cat and it got me. I have to get checked out" -J

    And after that, I made sure to tell him to never start a phone call with "I'm in the ER".

  5. I used to hate guns and said I would never marry a guy who owned them. Now I'm married to a cop, we have lots of guns and I sleep with a gun beside me every night. :) Funny how things change. (And for our date last week, I was the one who asked if we could spend the evening target practicing at the gun range!)

  6. I just literally LOL'd at the beginning of this.
    I too have become way more comfortable with firearms. I've learned how to load, shoot,clean, took a few classes, regularly practice and sleep with it very close to me when hubby is not home at night.
    Thanks for the laugh:):)


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