Friday, April 5, 2013


I recently learned how to use Hubby Blue's our sewing machine!  I've mentioned before that I never learned how to sew, even though my mom is like, the best sew-er (I first wrote that without the hyphen...and no, my mom is not a sewer, ha) ever.  I took an online class a few weeks ago and learned a lot, but what really got me going was the apron kit I picked up at Walmart!  It sat in a box for months, and finally, I just decided to figure it out!  I didn't really figure it out by myself...Hubby Blue tried to teach me and got really I asked my mom.  Anyway, I've gotten a lot better since then, and I can't wait until the day we live in a town with an actual fabric store so I can try sewing projects more often!

In the meantime...Hubby Blue...wait for it...asked me to...fix his police pants!!!


He had two pairs with rips in them, and he said he didn't mind taking them in somewhere to get them fixed but that he knew that would cost more money, so did I want to try fixing them?  I wanted to say, Hubby Blue, you just need to stop chasing bad guys and then your pants won't rip...but let's be honest.  That'll never happen.

So, I put off trying to fix these pants my entire spring break, and finally, today, I decided to give it a try.    I think they turned out pretty well, actually, but the best part was Hubby Blue's reaction:

"Hey!  You can't even see where they were ripped!  Thanks!  I really liked this pair!"

Yeah, you can just call me a domestic QUEEN these days. :)

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