Monday, February 18, 2013

Friday Night Excitement

"Hey, wifey, how's your night going?"
"I'm writing messages with magnetic letters on our refrigerator.  How do you think my night is going?"

I can handle most nights of the week when my Hubby Blue is working, but Friday nights are the worst.  It's the end of the work week for me, I'm excited to be off for two days, I just want to relax with my hubby...and I come home to an empty house.  So, it's not that I had nothing better to do, but I spent this Friday night a little different than usual.

I might need more hobbies.


  1. Thank you for your sacrifice! The cop life can be pretty hard on everybody!

  2. I'm also a teacher...with a fiancé who works midnights in the "not so fabulous" area. I completely understand the feeling. Come friday, I'm ready to come home and enjoy time with my LEO...but instead come home to an empty house most weekends. I always feel like most police wives I meet work from home or are stay at home moms (nothing against that, it's actually my dream for one day) but its always nice to see I'm not alone in working opposite schedules to my LEO. Some weeks I feel like we're roommates...not gettin married in June:)


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