Saturday, February 16, 2013


Hubby Blue and I celebrated our 7th Valentine's Day together this past week, and thanks to him having Thursdays off, we actually got to celebrate it that day!  I don't know how we've lucked out so far for him to have off (even the Hallmark holidays!), but I'm sure that'll start to change soon. :)

HB had made reservations for us at a steakhouse in town, so we enjoyed a way-too-expensive dinner and the most conversation we've had in weeks (months?).  (Sidebar: we were awkwardly sitting at a table right next to another couple who started arguing halfway through their dinner, and the husband eventually got up and walked out.  Being the cop he is, Hubby Blue whispers under his breath, "That'll be a domestic later.")  It kind of felt bizarre that we had that much time to talk without distractions, and then it felt weird that it felt weird.  Does that make sense?  We've gotten so used to never seeing each other and talking so little, that it almost felt unreal that we had so much time to spend together.  I also realized that it helps us to get OUT of the house on his nights off so that we actually spend the time paying attention to each other instead of the TV.

No doubt about it, being a cop and being married to one is hard.  It's almost more than I can think about when I realize that there is no end in sight to my husband's crazy schedule; this is our life.  I appreciate the suggestions to see a counselor or therapist to learn how to deal with it if we can just get enough time off together to do that. :)  I kid, I kid!  I can't remember if we were at dinner or if it was the night before, but Hubby Blue whined to me at one point on his last two days off that one day he missed me so much that he "just wanted to throw up all over his squad car" so he could come home sick and be with me.  It's kind of pathetic and a little sad but also kind of hilarious and sweet in a weird sort of way.  Neither one of us was prepared for this life when we said, "I do," and it's proving to be the hardest test of our marriage yet.

That being said, I have faith that we will come through the challenges we're facing right now and have a stronger marriage because of it.  I'm not quite sure how, but we'll make it.  I am still probably the proudest LEO wife out there, and I intend to stay that way for a long, long time.


  1. What a wonderful post! I'm so glad you were able to have Valentine's together and you are building a more genuine picture of what love is really all about. So many think it's just those giddy feelings, but it is so much more of respect, sacrifice and commitment, most of all perseverance. Each obstacle you cross together is a victory for each of you as well as the marriage. Bless you both and prayers for your continued growing together!
    I'm retired now, but one of the things I loved about being in law enforcement was seeing those big old tough guys occasionally show those big squishy hearts they don't want anyone to know they have. Sounds like you got one of the good ones!

  2. WHINED to you??? I think not.... There was no whining! -HB


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