Friday, November 9, 2012

What a Difference a Week Makes!

I can hardly believe it's already Friday and we've made it through (almost) another week of FTO!  And what a difference a week has made.  A week ago, I had HAD IT with the evening shift, I was miserable, Hubby Blue was miserable, and things were pretty negative around here.  It's amazing what a little attitude adjustment and a lot of support from caring people (both family and blog readers like you!) can do!

So, what was different?  For starters (I said this earlier this week), I made myself a list of things to focus on each day, and for that day, I ONLY focused on those things.  Not an exaggeration!  One night, Hubby Blue started to say (as he often does), "Someday when we buy a house..." and I immediately cut him off with, "Nope!  We're are not talking about someday!  I am ONLY thinking about today!  And since I am going to bed in about 4 minutes, I am only thinking about the next 4 minutes!  I will think about tomorrow when tomorrow gets here, so we are definitely not discussing someday!"  We had a laugh about that, and eventually (like 2 minutes later), I let him talk about tomorrow, but only because it was like 11:52 and tomorrow was going to be here in 8 minutes.  All joking aside, though, it really helped to simply focus on getting through one day at a time.  The part of me that loves to-do lists suffered a little bit, as thinking about only today meant I couldn't really make a to-do list that was 74 items long, but I think I'll get over it. :)

Another thing that was different about this week was that we saw a lot more of each other.  A fellow police wife, Crysi, commented a few days ago that sometimes you stay up and talk at 2 am because that's the only time you have to see each other.  Crysi, we don't know each other and I'm not even sure how you found my blog, but I have to thank you for that simple comment.  Just reading that from another police wife changed my perspective.  So on two nights out of the last four, I stayed up until Hubby Blue got home and we talked.  I mean, really talked.  I didn't just waited up until he got home; we actually had a conversation.  And on two mornings, Hubby Blue got up with me in the morning before I left for work.  Yes, I've been tired all week, but I'm a whole lot happier!  I think (hope) Hubby Blue is too.

The other different thing I did this week was just finding other things to keep me busy.  I worked on our honeymoon scrapbook (yeah...we've been married two years...I've got a lot to catch up on), I cut out the pieces of an apron I'm hoping somebody will teach me how to sew...I had a nice long chat with my oldest and dearest friend from high school...I figured out how to download books for my Kindle from the library...that sort of thing.  And what do you know?  Here it is, Friday, the end of my work week and we've survived.  Tomorrow is Hubby Blue's last day of his work week, and I am taking the opportunity to have lunch with a friend from college AND visiting my little brother at his college!  I am really excited for both. :)

I know I couldn't get through this without the love, prayers, and support of family, friends, and now other police wives.  I just wish I had a way to thank all the people who have been there for me, whether it's been in "real life" or online through this blog or others.  I only hope I can return the favor someday!


  1. I'm glad my suggestion helped. I must have been blog hopping when I stumbled on your blog & thought "wow, I can so relate to that."

    I just started sewing. My first few attempts weren't terrible, but they wouldn't win awards either. I've always learned best by just doing & sewing has been no different. Sometimes you've gotta just jump in with both feet. Read some sewing blogs. There's some good & easy tutorials out there that teach the basics. If you have a sewing machine, it really isn't too difficult. Good luck.

    1. Yes, thank you! Sewing is on my list...I'm nervous (read: not allowed, according to Hubby Blue :) to try the sewing machine for fear I'll break it...but I'll get there! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Thanks for the inspiring post! I'm going to try to do more things to keep me busy. More fun things that is. I have trouble falling asleep when the husband is on night shift...I feel like my body won't snooze until I hear his patrol car pull into the drive way. It's certainly something to overcome.


    1. Oh my goodness, I struggle with sleeping when my hubby's not home too. The three weeks he was on nights during FTO were three of the most exhausting weeks I've ever been through! I hope I get used to it in the future. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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