Saturday, October 27, 2012


Hooray!!!  Tonight is Hubby Blue's last night shift of FTO!  I am seriously so excited for him to be home for the night this coming week.  This schedule has been crazy, and I know these last four weeks have just been a taste of what's sure to come once he's done with training.  Last weekend HB decided he'd had enough of this "stay up all night on days off" thing and said he was going to sleep when I slept on his days off.  Well, he was scheduled to be off on Thursday night, but when he got home on Thursday morning, for some reason he could only sleep two hours.  I lovingly said it was good if he was tired because then he'd be able to fall asleep at a normal time!  Anyway, he was awake from 11:00 am on that day, and when I was falling asleep and ready for bed at 10:00 pm, oddly, he was bouncing off the walls.  On two hours of sleep.  And that's when he said THIS:

"I feel like I have 1,000 hamsters running around in my body."

I could not stop laughing.  Oh well, so much for sleeping normally!

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