Friday, December 14, 2012


My heart goes out to Newtown, Connecticut, tonight.

I cannot even begin to comprehend the tragedy that these people are going through right now.  Shootings like this happen are happening all too frequently in this country these days, and they're always horrific, but there's something about this happening at an elementary school that makes this one hurt a little more.  As a teacher in an elementary school myself, I struggle to wrap my head around what that must have been like.  What would I have done?  How would I go back to work?  How does life go on?  How will the survivors--especially the children--cope with this?  And why???

I grieve for the children who lives were unfairly taken from them far too soon, for their families that will never be the same, for the adults who were killed whose families have also been torn apart.  My heart also goes out to the law enforcement officers and first responders in Newtown who will go through all kinds of pain in dealing with the tragedy too.  They told the kids leaving the building to close their eyes so they wouldn't see all the devastation around them...they can't close their eyes to it.

Praying for everyone affected by this tragedy today...

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