Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Would You Rather...

This morning, Hubby Blue was accidentally tasered!

I shared this story with someone I work with during lunch, and the further I got into the story, the more attention I attracted.  Pretty soon, the whole teacher's lounge was listening in.  Can you blame them?!  It's not every day a teacher comes in and says, "So, yeah, my husband was accidentally tasered at work last night.  No biggie." :)

So, here's what happened.  Hubby Blue and his FTO were driving around town when HB noticed something out in a field near the high school.  He spotlighted it, it turned out it was a person, and said person took off running.  HB jumped out of the car and started chasing this person, yelling "Stop!  Police!" while his FTO yelled at the person that he was going to be tasered.  Just as HB caught up to him and went in for the tackle, his FTO fired the taser.  The fleeing person caught most of the current, but HB got a little of it too.  He didn't notice that he'd actually been SHOT with one of the darts until he saw the hole in his sleeve and the little spot of dried blood...4 hours later at roll call!

Meanwhile, I wake up around 5:30 and read these text messages: "Felony arrest!  I got some of the taser current in me when I tackled the burglar."

Try going back to sleep after getting THOSE text messages!  Also, do you think sharing this story in the teacher's lounge probably makes our life sound more adventurous?  :)  This was definitely one of those moments where I felt really proud to be married to my Hubby Blue.  Not only did he chase down and catch the bad guy but he also helped recover some quite valuable stolen property.  What a guy!

Anyway, fast forward to tonight.  THIS is what my police wife life is like:
"Look at my taser wound!"
"My taser wound hurts so much!"
"Feel my taser wound!  It's so swollen!"
"Kiss my taser wound!  Now my taser wound feels better."
"I hope I don't have the taser dart in my taser wound."

And my response?  "Hubby Blue, would you rather be tasered or catch a case of head lice?"
[Pause] "Tasered.  Definitely tasered."


  1. I laughed, oh now I laughed. My hubby hasn't been accidentally tasered, but he has been accidentally pepper sprayed by coworkers on a number of times. It's actually a running joke at work because he's always having it happen. He can say that being tasered is way better than being pepper sprayed.

    1. I agree...judging from how my hubby reacted to the pepper spray in the academy, that sounds way worse! I can't believe it's happened more than once!


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