Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013...Here We Come!

Happy New Year!  Who's ready for 2013?

I have a number of goals/resolutions this year.  I don't usually make a lot of resolutions, probably because it's so easy to let them fall by the wayside, but I'm hoping that by blogging about them and writing them down that I'll follow through on some of them.  So, here goes!

1. Focus on being content and happy with wherever I am, and focus on the things that will make me happier.  2012 brought a lot of changes and challenges, and I admit I did not always take to them as positively as I could've or should've.  In 2013, I'm focusing on choosing to be happy wherever we are and on working to get to where we want to be.  Life's too short to stay in one place if you're not happy there.  I recently saw this quote (on the wall of a bar bathroom, of all places...weird) and I thought it was appropriate:

“Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it.  Establish your priorities and go to work.” 
~ H. L. Hunt

2. Read the entire Bible.

3. Read for enjoyment.  Thanks to the Kindle I got for Christmas last year, I can look back at what I read in 2012...13 books!  I think I can come up with maybe 3 or 4 books I read in hard copies, for a total of 16 books for the year.  That's more than I have read in a looooong time, and I'm hoping to read at least that many in 2013.

4. Travel.  This is a combined goal for both Hubby Blue and me.  I really love how traveling gives you new perspectives and also makes you appreciate home.  We're kind of crossing our fingers for somewhere in Africa...maybe South Africa or Egypt if it's stable enough and affordable enough!

5. Exercise at least 5 days a week.

6. Continue trying to eat more whole foods, including locally-raised meats.  I'm especially going to work on eating more vegetables and hopefully getting at least some of our meat (maybe all??) from a nearby farm.  I've got fruits pretty well-covered, but I'm less thrilled with veggies.

7. Use Hubby Blue's time off wisely.  (Also, write for this blog when it's appropriate.)  When Hubby Blue has random days off or when our weekends don't coincide, it can be hard to make plans when one or both of us is tired from work.  Additionally, when I started this blog, I only meant to write on it when Hubby Blue was at work.  I didn't want to be putting time into it when we could be spending time together.  It's true that HB needs his alone time too and that I don't expect him to spend his full 48 hours off with me, but I want to be more present when he is home.  I never want him to say something like, "Well, I wanted to do/go/spend time __________...but I thought you were busy blogging."  Family always should come first, and I think sometimes I need to do better at this.

8. Finish our honeymoon scrapbook.  We only went on our honeymoon two and a half years ago!!!  We had this amazing honeymoon in Hawaii, I started a scrapbook of it...and never finished it.  I actually have several unfinished scrapbooks, but I want this to be an achievable goal, after all...!

Is that enough?!?  Haha, I think it is...for now!  Do you have any resolutions?

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