Friday, January 4, 2013

Read Food Friday: I NEED A ROUTINE!

If I said one thing about my last two weeks on break, it's that we had NO routine, and it's kind of driving me crazy!  I found it especially difficult to plan for meals because we had so many holidays going on.  Hubby Blue's schedule was also slightly up in the air, and it just seemed like I never knew when we'd be home together, when I'd be home alone, if anyone was coming to visit us/me.  I felt like half the time I was ready to make a lunch for Hubby Blue, he'd tell me at the last minute he didn't need one because there was going to be food at the department.  Okay, maybe that happened once or twice, but still. :)

I'm not even going to try to post receipt totals here because it's been so crazy around here that I don't even know where they are...actually, I'm not even at home right now!  I'm visiting my family for a few days, so this is really just an update to tell you probably the most important and exciting news about this real food thing...

I FOUND REAL POLENTA!!!  (now I just need to cook it)

It only took driving to a bigger grocery store about 30 minutes away!  You'd never know that it, too, is also a small town.  Funny story: we were there to mostly pick up some things for our New Year's Eve dinner and we were stopped in the produce section.  I saw they had pomelos, (pummelos is showing up as incorrect, but I think that's how our store labeled them?) and I asked HB if he wanted another one since we liked it the last time we tried one.  He agreed, and then he started looking at these "Asian pears."  He wanted to try them so he picked up one...then another.  "Umm...those are $3.50 each you know," I said.  "But what if we like them so much that we each want one?" Hubby Blue cried.  "But they're $3.50 EACH!!!"  And then I stopped myself.  Why was I stopping him from buying produce?!?  Anyway, we bought two. :)

Here's another little story for you to illustrate just what kind of crazy person that Hubby Blue is married to.  Being the teacher that I am, I used to like to write notes to Hubby Blue and put them in his lunch.  I NEVER do this now because Hubby Blue would KILL me if someone from work saw one of them.  BUT.  One day this week, I packed him a little bag of carrot sticks (because I didn't feel like eating the whole container of them myself) and wrote on the bag, "Please eat promised!" because he really had promised to eat some earlier in the week.  And he did! now, flash forward a day.  Hubby Blue has not been getting a can of soda in his lunches for a while because, well, for a while it just wasn't in the budget, but now, because it's not "real food."  We had a case of pop at our house, though, so I decided I was going to be reallllll generous and give him one of the cans one day.  Because I am so thoughtful and special, I got out my permanent marker and wrote "TREAT" on the top of the can.  You know, just in case he didn't figure out that this was not going to be a regular thing, it was a TREAT.  Yeah...he came home and told me never to do that again.  Sorrrrrry, Hubby Blue! :)

So, yes, I don't know how much we spent on groceries, but it was a lot, and it's barely gotten us through the week.  I don't know's like I wasn't thinking we'd have to eat in 2013 or something. When I was home earlier this week I was pretty much surviving on bulgur and carrots.  Ugh.  Hubby Blue's been such a good sport to eat so many carrot sticks this week since we totally ran out of fresh fruit a few days ago.  So needless to say, I think getting back into a routine next week will be a good thing.  Not so sure I am ready to go back to school...but it's not like I have much of a choice!  And I'm choosing to be happy, remember?!?  Ahhh...New Year's Resolutions... seemed like a good idea at the time, right? :)

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