Friday, January 11, 2013

Would You Rather: 2nd Edition

This is another one of those "would you rather" posts...would you rather have to handcuff a naked man, or would you rather find out that one of your students was sent home from school with scabies, just hours after you'd helped him wash his filthy hands?

Obviously, the naked man story belongs to Hubby Blue (and that's another story for another time) and the scabies story belongs to me, but seriously, how did we BOTH end up in careers like this?!  Sometimes I feel like we should write a book about our combined experiences.  I, for one, was certainly not aware of the job hazards associated with being a teacher.  I mean, lice, yes, that's a given (though apparently it's a lot more common for teachers to catch lice from their students than I realized...I still pride myself on being lice-free my entire life).  But SCABIES???  I didn't even know what scabies were until today when I googled it.  And that in "young children, the head, neck, shoulders, palms, and soles are involved."  PALMS, people!!!  PALMS!!!  Remember that I helped him wash his hands?!?

So, I don't know...naked man or scabies...this is a really hard one.

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