Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Post for my Hubby :)

This post is for Hubby Blue, who told me tonight that he misses my blogging. :)

The truth is, I haven't much felt like blogging AT ALL lately.  I deal with some serious winter blues every year and can't motivate myself to do much of anything.  I've experienced this seasonal sadness for many years but never actually noticed it in myself as much as my hubby noticed it in me after we were married.  The first winter, he would sit me in front of a sunny window with a space heater pointed at me and made sure I took my vitamin D religiously.  That helped a lot, but now that we're going through our third married winter and I spend most of my time alone, it's hitting me a lot harder this year.  Before, Hubby Blue was always home when I was home, and even if I couldn't make myself get up to do anything, at least I could just sit in the same room with him and be comforted by having another person nearby!  Sitting around the house alone every night (okay, only 5 nights a week) is pretty lonely though.  I know it would probably help to exercise daily and continue eating healthy, but honestly it's hard to do either of those things when you just feel so blah.  I was doing great with my resolution to work out 5 days a week up until this week, and I've slacked a lot on eating less processed food.  Our meals are still very unprocessed and healthy, but I'm caving into all the food people bring into the teacher's lounge a lot more often.  Ugh, not good.

This is just a phase, and I know I'll get through it just like everything else.  We have some pretty busy weekends coming up, including this one.  Some friends we haven't seen in months are visiting this weekend.  Hubby Blue used some of his comp time and took Saturday off so we could be normal, social people for a day, and that will be really nice.  I also have a lot of things to look forward to in February, like a Bible study, a "knife skills" class (I signed up for this one-night class after obliviously cutting my fingers twice in two days with our super-sharp kitchen knives) at our local community college, an online sewing class, a night out with some of my work friends, brunch and a play with my mom, my brother and his girlfriend, and a wine and cheese night with some friends I went to high school with.  My mom has also been fantastic and visited me on nights when Hubby Blue was working twice in about four days.  I really have the best mom ever, and I seriously wish we lived closer.  Maybe someday soon we will.  (Here's hoping.)  It's also a good thing I started this Bible reading plan this year.  Reading the Bible on a daily basis has really made me feel more in tune with the Lord lately.  I feel like it's been my calm in the storm more often than not.  I apologize if anyone was counting on my Sunday updates (even though I only did them like twice), but again, just couldn't make myself write a blog post!  I switched tactics anyway, as I found I was forgetting too much of what I was reading by jumping to a different book everyday.  My mom and I are kind of doing this together, and we both enjoyed Job, so we switched to Job and will finish that in the next week and a half.  I'm finding there is a lot to think about when you read about Job's faith, and I also never realized how poetic that book is.  The writing is so eloquent and beautiful.

Thankfully, January is almost over.  Does anyone else feel like this is the longest month of the whole year?!?  January being over means we're one month closer to March, which means Hubby Blue will go onto a new shift...hallelujah!  I never thought I'd say this...but I actually miss the night shift!  I even might say I kinda miss the afternoon shift when Hubby Blue would get home at 11:00 pm instead of 3:00 am!  Yeah, neither one was ideal, but they were better than this one.  Hopefully March will also mean warmer weather and the end of my blah feelings!  That being said, please accept my apologies for my longer-than-usual absence!  If it's cold where you are, stay warm!  And if it's warm where you lucky duck, don't rub it in. :)  Thank you for reading!

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